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Hidden Gem Alert!!! NEW Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme OUD


talk about a under the radar fragrance guys i did an unboxing for you guys i think about a week ago  i did some voting i you know posted something in the community here on youtube and you guys voted  many of you said please i want to see a full review and i want to do a full review anyway  because i was blown away by the first sniff but we’ll just leave it at that if you want to learn  all about the new salvatore ferragamo ud por um be sure to stay tuned because the review is up next  welcome back to another fragrance review today it’s all about the new salvatore ferragamo  por on ud or ud porom which was released last year sometime mid last year mostly in europe in  the middle eastern market it really didn’t make it here to the u.s it was really under the radar you  know which is one thing that i love to do is blind by myself i know it’s not something i condone  because you can always it can always backfire but this was a pleasantly a great surprise that i did  with my first unboxing first impressions i have the dried down here on a piece of paper but before  we get into the scent itself let’s talk about the presentation it’s really really nice you have this  golden slash copper you know embellishments here in this black box which has also some nice cool  tri-ball slash flowers i don’t know if you can capture that on camera or not but it’s a really  well made box really nice you know bottle as well i love the contour here which is really cool  it’s got this nice you know twist and turn shape sabatore ferragamo at the top also embossed on the  glass itself uh the cap is heavy plastic it’s not metal it’s not magnetic the sprayers are actually  pretty good you get a nice distribution and descent we’ll even talk about the scent very soon  the great thing about this of course was maybe an exclusive to the middle eastern market it’s an ood  fragrance if you will didn’t quite make stores here saboteur ferragamo it’s not really a brand  that normal or regular general stores do carry but and it smells so good i can’t wait to talk about  the scent with you guys you can actually find this at fragrance by dot state for heavily discounted  i think the retail for this was about 150 130 msrp but you can find this fragrance for about  less than 50 right now they still have it in stock by the time i’m filming this  um i don’t know in the next couple days if it’s still going to be available but right now as  of the time i’m shooting this which is early november this still available at the website  for under 50 bucks so i’ll have the link below if you guys want to check it out there’s also a sale  going on right now fragrance by commemorating their um anniversary sale i don’t know by the  time i’m actually posting this video if the sale is still going to be up but enough of  that let’s get into the scent itself so let’s talk about the scent itself i have it on this  test strip right here the dry down it is my scent of the day i will do a quick spray here as always  talk about the opening and my god this opening is bold it’s brash it’s bodacious it’s one of those  fragrances that at hello it’s definitely going to scream quality this could have  easily been a niche fragrance if this was bottled by let’s say tom ford private blend  and they would ask 300 bucks for a 50 mil all of us will probably pay happily because this stuff is  just amazing it smells just so good it starts off sweet and spicy so you’re going to have a  ton of spices going on here there’s definitely a booziness going on which is like a cognac slash  rum kind of a cord which is really boozy really um just captivating right up top that booziness here  will stay throughout the scent until about midway point once you get into the heart of the fragrance  that booziness from the cognac slash rum is going to fade away to make room for the leather  uh the spices will come to play which will become a little drier of a fragrance  uh the food is just going to peak its hat it’s not really a predominant food  even though it’s called por um i don’t even listed as a note i do get a tiny bit of a  little bit animalic slash smokey food facet in the fragrance but it’s ever so slight ever so smooth  ever so in the background the most predominant feel here it’s going to be this animalic leathery  feel if you guys are familiar with bellamy you know the classic incredible air mass fragrance  bellamy the original this has a very uncanny familiarity with that fragrance so if you like  fragrances of old you know classic traditional timeless classics you’re going to really enjoy  this especially with the modern twists and turns that they add here i love the lather here i love  the booziness the cognac the rum the spices and the tobacco there’s also a really really nice  tobacco i love tobacco especially full in winter i think it’s perfect for tobacco and this is a  gorgeous combination of leather tobacco and spices when you get into like 35 minutes or so right into  the heart of the fragrance it takes a little turn again it goes from the boozy sweetness that  you get from the beginning into this dry leather tobacco spicy woodsy kind of a dry down which is  really good in my opinion this is what you get now from the heart which is going to be  what is going to stay throughout the remaining life of the fragrance which is actually  quite good we’ll get to performance in a second but i love what i get from the beginning and i  love that transition from that boozy sweet uh creamy fast that turns into this dry  almost rough and tumble leather kind of a feel dark spicy bold you know i think you need to like  fragrances of old that has that traditional that timeless beautiful leather facet that i love which  is almost animalic and kind of rough and not for everyone but it also adds this nice creaminess  which is quite modern almost like a honey accord with that tobacco which gives the  fragrance a nice modern feel so don’t think that this is going to be aged because it has  a perfect combination perfect balance like i said before this would have been a great niche release  and i have to tip my hat off to salvatore ferragamo for putting such qualities so  in the heart it’s going to be mostly that spicy leather dry facet that i get in this fragrance as  you get to the dry down about 40 minutes into the fragrance this is where it’s going to be magical  because on top of the lather and top of the spice there’s a little bit of an ooh that i get  the leather will be enhanced by two things benzoin which you guys know benzoin has this vanilla  kind of a vibe which is also a little bit resinous and very creamy and also has a white wood presence  that adds this nice suppleness this nice soothing and and smooth um you know round to the fragrance  so it really dries down incredible you’re going to have the lather the tobacco with a little bit  of hint of the wood that i talked about the spices it is rather dry but you do have a smooth creamy  component added by the benzoin and the guayaq wood so all in all a great fragrance from beginning to  end just very enjoyable great for the seasons we have going right now i think this is great for  date scenarios i think this is more fitting for evening wear and dressier occasions but i most  definitely think that you can pull this off during the day for the office i think this would be great  for meetings if you’re a ceo type of guy or if you’re somebody who wants to convey  a very well-rounded vibe about yourself that you’re somebody who knows where you’re going  knows what you want i think this is like a boss ceo type of a vibe type of ascent this is a  attention commanding fragrance if i had to say you know the perfect way to describe this is a  fragrance that will turn heads as you walk into a room it’ll leave a tremendous siage if you want a  fragrance that projects really well for the first couple hours and leaves a great ciash this will  be a great one now as far as the performance as we talking about that i think it is great when  it comes to the projection it pushes really nice for the first hour and a half two hours  leaves an incredible siege especially if you spray your clothes but as far as the longevity  itself on skin i got about seven to eight hours at the most um if it was really cold out i had to  really go crazy on the sprayers meaning i had to do four to six sprays if i did about three to four  it would be around the six hour mark which is really not bad i mean if you spray your clothes  you’re gonna get that tremendous size that i talked about so performance is definitely above  average and for a fragrance of this quality of this you know kind of scent profile just below  50 i think it’s a complete steal if you have a taste like mine if this all sounds interesting to  you i think it’s definitely a great pickup a lot of people when i did the first impression asked me  hey max is this a safe blind buy i don’t think any blind bites are safe no difference here but if you  have a taste like mine and if everything i talked about in this video sounds interesting to you  this would be a great pick up a great addition to your fragrance wardrobe especially at this  time of year if you’re looking for a great fall slash winter fragrance to rock for the  next few months i know i will definitely one of my favorites from salvatore ferragamo a total  hidden gem and one that you can most definitely expect to see in my top videos in the upcoming  seasons for the next few months definitely make some top videos for sure this stuff here is fire  three words that are used to summarize sabatore fergamo por om ud or wood peron this is leathery  it’s spicy and it’s warm so if you like those kind of fragrances this is definitely a must try  so my final assessment for salvatore ferragamoud prom this is a great release from 2019-2020 um  it’s a shame that fragrances like this and here’s another one too guys if you like  noir umbra from esimiaki you’re gonna love this because they share a lot of the similar  uh spicy components a lot of creaminess some ambree facets so if you like that fragrance  this is a great one to check out and again going back to what i was saying i think it’s a shame  that fragrances like this remain under the radar unless we bring it forth once we talked about it  kind of hard to find them in in the u.s especially i think they stay you know close to the european  market the middle eastern market and this is the stuff i love to see from the designer house  kudos to salvatore ferragamo which i put it right up there with isimiyaki and right up  there with cafe i think they’re always giving us some really daring and unique fragrances that are  off the beaten path case in point right here guys so as always let me know if you have tried this  one what are some other hidden gems that you guys have found and discovered this year so far please  be sure to comment below go crazy i want to maybe check out some new ones some some things that i  haven’t tried yet and i want to definitely uh see what you guys have found that maybe i’ll  find my next best hidden gem so go ahead leave your comments below let me know if you’ve tried  salvatore fergamo ud prom wherever you are in the world maybe you have access to this please  let me know your thoughts on this if you like this video if you took anything of value please leave a  like touch that subscribe button for me and touch the little bell icon so you get videos like these  hidden gems top videos straight into your feed as always remember fragrance is emotional emotion  it’s an extension of your character so be sure to choose your fragrance wisely and where  which really moves you i’ll see you right back here again real soon take care